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Anna Claire Vollers

Reporter for Alabama Media Group. My work is published on, the largest news site in the state, and in print in the state's three largest newspapers: The Huntsville Times, The Birmingham News and the Press-Register (Mobile).


Desegregation changes roil some Huntsville parents

Court-ordered school integration efforts are rare these days. School desegregation peaked in the late 1980s and federal judges have released hundreds of school districts across the South from court-enforced integration over the past 15 years. "We need to be out from under a desegregation order," said Mary Scott Hunter, a member of the Alabama State Board of Education who has three children at Blossomwood Elementary., The Huntsville Times Link to Story

Autism therapy costs are steeper on Alabama families

It was a bad morning. After months of work, Ashley Sparks had finally gotten her 5-year-old daughter Brinley to a point where she could put her pajamas into the laundry basket every morning before getting dressed. It sounds like a simple thing. For Brinley, though, even simple jobs can be frustrating to the point of tears., The Huntsville Times, The Birmingham News, Press-Register (Mobile) Link to Story

Many Alabama women drive 50+ miles to deliver their babies as more hospitals shutter L&D departments

The day before Sommer Curry was scheduled to deliver her baby in early September last year, she got in her car and drove to the hospital. "Really, there are no other options," said the mom of three, who lives with her husband and children in Camden, Ala., located in rural Wilcox County. "I guess we've gotten used to it., The Huntsville Times, The Birmingham News, Press-Register (Mobile) Link to Story

A love story: Anna and Jeremy Hays inspire through his recovery from brain injury

HAZEL GREEN, Alabama – Around 1 a.m. on May 10, 2012, Jeremy Hays sent his new bride a text. He’d married Anna just five weeks before, in Huntsville, surrounded by family and friends.Jeremy was in Memphis because his job sent... With this article (published both in The Huntsville Times and on I won second place for Best Feature Story Coverage from the Alabama Press Association in 2014. This article made it to #3 of the top stories sitewide on Link to Story

Child care costs more than college tuition, but workers make less than pet groomers

Serena* works 40 hours per week in a North Alabama child care center, teaching a class of 1-year-olds. Her day starts at 7 a.m. with free play, followed by sign language, counting in English and Spanish, teaching the alphabet, a color craft, and talking about the "shape of the month." Then it's lunch time, followed by naptime, and then free play until the children are picked up by their parents., The Huntsville Times, The Birmingham News, Press-Register (Mobile) Link to Story

5 photos of your kids you shouldn't post on social media & why I do it anyway

"5 photos of your kids you shouldn't post on social media." That was the headline of a story I clicked on this week. I can be a sucker for parenting advice. As I clicked through the story, I realized I've posted photos in every single no-no category. About a nanosecond later, I decided I don't care. -This column was also picked up by Link to Story

'Our practice may not be a good fit': LGBT child unwelcome at Christian pediatrician's office

Mike* is the kind of precocious kid you often find in literature but rarely meet in real life – almost adult-like in his mannerisms and speech, talking knowledgably about current events and complicated social issues. When I met him last week, we bonded over a shared love of vanilla lattes and traditional-style church worship services. Link to Story

Through Miracle Bash, Huntsville community gives preemies like mine a chance at life (Anna Claire Vollers)

A personal column for and The Huntsville Times. "The Neonatal Intensive Care Unit is a dim, hushed space, but it isn’t peaceful, exactly. A constant chorus of low beeps and bells does the talking for fragile babies resting in incubators and warmers. It’s a place where diapers are the size of credit cards, and..." Link to Story

Spark Magazine / The Southern Issue

The cover of Spark Magazine's April-May 2012 issue - The Southern Issue, and my editor's letter. *The link includes a teaser video I created for this issue.
Spark Magazine Link to Story

Tasia Malakasis takes the foodie world by storm

The creative force behind gourmet favorite Belle Chevre has a new cookbook --“ and about a million more ideas for taking the foodie world by storm. Talking with Tasia Malakasis is like chatting with one of your girlfriends -- you know, the lovely one with the killer shoes who somehow manages to be both down-to-earth and wildly successful. Link to Story


Anna Claire Vollers

Reporter focusing on human interest and investigative reporting topics including health and education,

Before September 2013, I was magazines and specialty publications editor for Alabama Media Group's Huntsville hub.



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